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The LP11 is a synchronized mechanism with forward pivot and side accessible quick-adjust tension. The mechanism has been designed to accommodate a variety of torque requirements while maintaining support throughout the travel range, thus satisfying a broad range of users. The full tension range from minimum to maximum is easily managed with less than one complete turn of the side activated tension knob. All mechanism control handles are within easy reach of the chair user.

LP 11 features include a quick adjust tension and 5 position tilt lock with anti-kickback safety feature. The mechanism is supplied with unassembled levers and housing cover to allow for maximum packaging density, efficient transportation costs, and minimal packaging materials. The handles and mechanism cover are easily assembled using a quick coupling system. Designed to satisfy critical demands for robustness and reliability, the LP11 mechanism complies with demanding test standards of the industry.

         Mechanism options include:

  • Integrated seat slide (SSM),
  • Independent seat angle adjustment (FSD),
  • Customizable (bespoke) chair back attachment capable.


The LP11 mechanism design allows clients to differentiate their product through the use of the unique quick coupling system handles and mechanism cover. This system enables custom handles and mechanism covers to change the look of the product without the costly expense of creating a new mechanism. With the option of the “bespoke” or custom back attachment feature, customer back uprights can be styled to create a visual continuity between mechanism and back supports without a costly modification and tooling.

LP11 SSM (Integrated Seat Slide)

The LP11 SSM has an integrated sliding device for seat depth adjustment. The combination side-activated seat slide, lever (LH), and tilt lock handles are symmetrical to the seat height adjustment lever and tension handles (LH), which enhances the aesthetic appearance of the LP11 mechanism.

- Effective height: 10 mm

- Adjustment range: 65 mm

- 6 ea. locking positions

- Standard mounting pattern

- Side activated and spring return seat slide motion.

LP11 FSD (Forward tilt adjustment)

An integrated two-position rotary knob allows the user to select a “forward working position” at -3 degrees for seat (-6 degrees of back), or the normal 0 degree at rest position.

 LP11 Bespoke (Customizable) Back

This version of the LP11 mechanism features a back attachment system which allows for cost effective attachment of custom back support systems. Bespoke back attachment systems can be mechanically secured to the mechanism by two M10 fasteners. As a result of the low profile design, an aesthetically integrated back support can be adapted to the mechanism with no customization required.

LP11 LP11 LP11
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