Supply Chain Management


West Michigan is home to the country's strongest office furniture sub-supplier base, and the Office Furniture Group can coordinate development, production and shipping with them.

 The industries represented include:

  • Chair control mechanisms
  • Wire frame and tubular steel bending
  • Product testing
  • Foam
  • Table top manufacturing
  • Gas lift mechanisms
  • Assembly hardware
  • Solid wood component manufacturing
  • Fabrics and leather
  • Solid wood chair manufacturing

 Many of these firms are national leaders in their respective industries. The Office Furniture Group has working relationships with all of these organizations and will dedicate resources to making introductions, setting up meetings and co-developing product with other suppliers and our customer. Collaborative work in this manner can greatly reduce time to market, as well as excess costs caused by design incompatibility between components.

In addition, it is common for us to coordinate shipping with other suppliers to help ensure timely and cost-effective transport of product to our customer.