Trio Line

Trio Line, a division of Leggett & Platt, specializes in high-end goods upholstery and assembly. As one of Europe’s largest third-party furniture producers, we focus our business model on encouraging outstanding design and development support, Speed-to-Market, and a strong global manufacturing perspective.

About Trio Line

Founded in Denmark in 1984, Trio Line’s business philosophy is based on craftsmanship, quality, and flexibility, with a focus on reducing complexity for the customer by providing a complete solution. In 2015, we established a joint venture with Leggett & Platt and the world-leader in manufacturing acquired a majority interest in Trio Line.

Today, Trio Line is located in the center of Europe, providing an optimal distribution setting for Southern and Western Europe and Scandinavia. We reside in a new facility, built in 2017, that covers 33,000 square meters. This location fulfills all required regulations and provides optimized work and material flow. This results in higher efficiency and better response time.