Genesis is a product-complete supplier where high-end products are designed, assembled, and shipped directly to the distributor or end-user. Our capabilities include a full-service upholstery shop with dedicated work areas for each product line.

About Genesis

Founded in 1994, Genesis Seating was established to fit a growing need for a product-complete supplier in the furniture marketplace. Outsourcing is a trend that continues to gain momentum, as leaders in most industries are focusing on value-creation measurements and investment return methodologies such as Economic Value Added (EVA), Return on Invested Capital (ROIC), and flexible cost structures. Reducing, or even eliminating, manufacturing and all of the functions that support it allows a company to significantly reduce capital requirements as well as respond quickly to changing economic conditions. While Genesis initially focused on curved plywood seating, it soon evolved to include significant non-Davidson components and assemblies. Even the term "seating" in the name is now misleading, as we produce several casegood items, screens, tables, etc.

Over time, Genesis has also developed product development and engineering functions for our customers, significantly reducing the fixed overhead structure our customers have to carry. The acquisition of Davidson Plyforms and Genesis Seating by Leggett & Platt in 2001 further enhances Genesis's ability to meet customer needs, as L&P is the largest furniture component manufacturer in North America.

Genesis seating is ISO 9001-certified and incorporates applicable tools associated with the Toyota Production System.


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